Mao Restaurant's interior design begins with the 'Chinese house' as a starting point. Inspired by the distribution of these ancient buildings to recreate an atmosphere and a transition between spaces typical of the time.

Mao interior
Mao bar interior
mao mural
Mao interior restaurant


On one side are private spaces whose intimacy is achieved by means of a brass screen with an opaque central circle illustrated with scenes of oriental landscapes. On the opposite side and as a major protagonist, the image of a Chinese Empress is incorporated that accompanies us to the stay of the mountains, whose landscape takes us to a bucolic world that we emphasize with the use of 'white umbrellas' that 'float' on the roof.


The continuity of the pavement allows us to create a unique interior-outdoor space, allowing the restaurant to open to a large terrace decorated with marble tables, red umbrellas and lamps creating a unique atmosphere with a clearly oriental character on the shores of the Mediterranean.

With the best view of the Max Live Pool Lounge entertainment, you can now book a table on the MAO VIP LOUNGE for drinks after 9pm. 

Mao outdoor terrace